No Rest, Never Tired

by High Crimes

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All tracks written by Harrison Laver, Kimmy Kennedy, Ben James, and Alyssa Jung

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio 1166 by Mike LeVan


released February 14, 2015



all rights reserved


High Crimes Arcata, California

Four-piece group formed in October of 2013. Combining a psych rock ethic with jazz, indie, alternative, and punk, High Crimes creates an oceanic plush of shimmery sound.

Kimmy Kennedy
Harrison Laver
Ben James
Alyssa Jung
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Track Name: Tough Scene
Finally got a one-armed show
In a scene that heaves and ho's
My microphone already knows
That being a band is damn ice cold

In a tough scene
I have too much stuff in a tough scene

They asked me how, how it all was
I told them how, how it was tough
How everytime there was a show
We plucked the muck out of the gig and, go

In a tough scene
I have too much stuff in a tough scene
Track Name: Time For No Time
I always wanted it to be
Me and the land
With the possibility of watching the world end
All this time and your plans
My mind's on the clock
Where have I got to be when I have

Time for no time

Although it's not for me
The world I can see
Although there's no-one to blame
The Universe is yelling my name

Deep in the zone of my scene
Four hours gone by
Time could crawl in a classroom
Or I could make love to the minutes
I'm in need of a sidekick
Because I can't always be the best at being me
When I have

Time for no time

Although it's not for me
The World I can see
Although there's no-one to blame
The universe is yelling my name
Track Name: Cab Man
Good thing it's a warm night, otherwise I'd crash this thing
I'm a good driver but the cops think differently
Load in a friend, load out a stranger
I'm driving all night with a handgun and a pager

I'm a simple cab man, I got a fuckin' job
I ain't no street slob, I pay some taxes
Though not them all, I've got dreams to fill
Like maybe dying, or picking up your bill

You're a beautiful woman I hope to see again
Maybe in this lost world we'll become good friends
Then I'll tell you just how I really feel
And we'll wake to warm coffee and a sunrise in the field

I'm a friendly cab man, I play my iPod
Some Joy Division and Tame Impala
I'm gonna bring back groovy, just you wait and see
I'm gonna drop you off right where you need to be

Just don't fuck with me, my tolerance is low
Just like ganja or heroin you know
I'm a simple cab man, this is my fuckin' job
I can't wait to meet you and lose you in memory

I'm a simple cab man
Track Name: Dreamstation
I'm caught at dreamstation, don't know how
It's all disillusioned, I'm desperate now
I can't find my friends who lie so near
I think someone's dead, can't I wake up now?

My car is a bird pecking my head
That playground is cursed with the undead
Dream forces insist on adjusting my bed
Because I'm haunted by words that you once said

Caught a dreamstation, don't know how
I'm watching me walking through eyebrows
I wake in a sweat that brittles my bones
I sleep in a net that they call home
Track Name: I Won The Days
One day I will be the water
That exists not wanting anything
The warm light of my lost living room
Is the only boat I haven't sank
Moving through the days like a hero
Of my own right and will
The comfort of the music I taste
Is like a bite of cool fruit on a day

I won
I won the days

It's charming looking up in the middle
Courage in the face of the devil
I wish that silence wasn't such a friend
I wanted a painless night
Humming lights embodied by their time
Lined by the ideal of the passerby's
If heartache wouldn't be such a long, long ride
Then I'd be so saved by the days

I won
I won the days